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HCL Domino Leap (formerly named HCL Volt) is a low-code development environment for quickly building applications. Each Leap application is an .NSF database on a Domino server containing Forms, Views and documents. These can be accessed by users from a browser. The development environment also works from a web interface.

In addition to the option to create a completely new application, you can also choose to use a spreadsheet as a basis. Both the design and the content of, for example, an existing Excel sheet are automatically converted to an application. Then one can make adjustments and extensions and share the application and content with others. In addition to granting rights, roles can be used. An existing Leap application can also easily serve as the basis for a new application.

HCL Volt new application

Via “drag and drop” the layout is easily determined from a palette and the required fields are placed on the forms. In addition, there are options for Sections, Navigation, Pictures, Tabs, Tables, Sliders, Buttons etc. A simple application can be created in just a few minutes.

HCL Volt Palette

Formulas can be defined and workflow is also easy to add. A service can be activated for links to other Notes databases or environments such as SalesForce, SharePoint and SAP.

To use Leap, a Domino server version 10 or 11 is required on which Leap is installed. After that one can already start creating and / or using applications based on the rights from a browser.